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開発のスローガンに「グローバル1チーム」を掲げており、2018年9月にはSVP of ProductがSan Franciscoオフィスに参画しました。現在は60名程度の開発組織ですが、2019年も日米ともに、組織規模をさらに拡大していく方針です。



【Background for recruitment】

SmartNews boasts 40 million downloads worldwide, and is growing into a scale to have over 14 million monthly active users in Japan. Our growth in the U.S. was remarkable in 2018, and we are aiming for further rapid growth in 2019.

Our development motto is "One global team", and in September of 2018, we welcomed on board Senior Vice President of Product in our San Francisco office. We are currently a development team of around 60 members, but aim to further expand in both Japan and the U.S. in 2019.

We are seeking to recruit talented people to join our team as a manager under our above global product development structure, to create an environment which will enable to maximize each engineer's full potential to result in the growth of our company.

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