Software Engineer, Corporate Engineering

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Corporate Engineering


Corporate Engineering

As a corporate engineer, you will introduce and manage systems and tools for SmartNews teams for them to carry out their work efficiently. You will also be responsible for collaborating with other members to plan and create an environment where SmartNews can continue to grow into an even more global organization.


- 社内ネットワーク及び利用システムの運用、管理

- 情報端末の調達と管理(PC、スマートフォン、ソフトウェア・ライセンス等)

- メンバーからの問い合わせへ対応(社内向けサポート)

- 情報セキュリティや運用に関するルールの策定と運用

- 業務効率向上や不便さの解消のためのツール作成


- Operate and manage internal networks and user systems

- Procure and manage information devices (computers, smartphones, software licensing, etc.)

- Respond to inquiries from other members (internal-facing support)

- Establish and implement rules related to information security and operations

- Create tools to boost business efficiency and eliminate inconveniences



- 100名以上規模での社内システムの導入・運用の経験

- Mac / Windows PCの利用者レベルでの知識

- WebAPIを利用したツール作成の経験

- 日本メンバーからの問い合わせ対応や実際にコミュニケーションを行える日本語力

- 海外メンバーからの問い合わせ対応や実際にコミュニケーションを行える英語力

- 日本での勤務が可能であること

Minimum Qualifications

- Experience introducing and operating internal systems for 100 users or more

- User-level knowledge of Mac and Windows computers

- Experience creating tools that use web APIs

- Ability to effectively communicate in Japanese and respond to inquiries from Japan members [1] [2]

- Ability to effectively communicate in English and respond to inquiries from overseas members

- Willing to work in Japan


- ネットワーク環境の構築や運用経験

- ソフトウェアエンジニアとしての開発経験

- SIerやコンサルティング会社でのシステム提案・導入経験

Preferred Qualifications

- Experience building and operating network environments

- Development experience as a software engineer

- Experience proposing and introducing systems as a systems integrator or at a consulting firm



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