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Founded in Tokyo in 2012, SmartNews has quickly become the go-to source of news for millions of users around the world. As a leading news aggregation mobile app, our mission is to bring news that matters most from all sides in ways that no one has seen, imagined or experienced. We are looking for a thoughtful and creative Product Designer who will join our growing team.

As a team, we will work together in bringing our mission to life; specifically tackling news consumption and delivering quality news to people. We want our users to feel that this product is truly created for them. They should be surprised and delighted with moments in the app and make them want to come back to it over and over again and eventually become a staple in their lives. We are looking for a Product Designer who has a keen sensibility of coming up with design solutions that are straightforward and simple to its' core.

As a product designer, your role will be hugely focused on bringing our plans to actual shape and form. You should be able to understand the plans and its essence as you work closely with product managers, engineers as your partners. You will come up with design strategies focusing on user needs, user studies/research, UX flows, interactions, and UI executions by working with not only with the design team, but also product managers, engineers, marketing, content team, and across the whole organization.

As a start up, we have less structure and at times, ambiguity, but we want you to welcome this stage of creation with us as you will have a huge impact in the company and grow tremendously as a product designer.



プロダクトデザイナーとしての役割は、私たちの計画を実際の形として実現することに重点を置きます。プロダクトマネジャーやエンジニアと密接に連携を取りながら、計画とその意図を理解することが必要となります。デザインチームのみならず、プロダクトマネジャー、エンジニア、マーケティング、コンテンツチームなど組織全体と協力し、ユーザーニーズ、ユーザー調査や研究、UX フロー、インタラクションとユーザーインターフェイスに重点を置いたデザイン戦略を考え出すことになります。



The most important role of a Product Designer should be translating a plan and objective into an execution by thinking it from all angles from start to finish. Here are the 4 important traits that will help you thrive in SmartNews.

プロダクトデザイナーとしてもっとも大事な役割は、計画や目標を、最初から最後まで様々な角度から考慮しながら実行に移すことです。SmartNews で成功する為には以下の4つの特徴を持っていることが大切です。

  1. Recognizing and understanding the objectives
  2. Solving the problem through users mindset as well as business needs
  3. Collaborating, communicating, and presenting the solutions to the team
  4. Always being on top of the trend and understanding the latest technology and the role design plays in it

1. Recognizing and understanding the objectives 目標を認識し理解できる
A product designer understands the user needs through their research and support the objective of each project. You know the target users and their user journeys to prioritize their needs. You are able to come up with the use cases and the current problems they are facing. You will play a key role in the team in identifying the strong objective for the project and support it from your intuitions back by research and findings. For each objective, you should be able to clearly specify the end goal as a designer and what you would like to achieve from this project.


2. Solving the problem through users mindset as well as business needs ユーザーの立場に立ち、かつビジネスニーズに基き問題を解決することができる
As a well rounded product designer, you recognize the objective and come up with a solution that hits both requirements of the company as well as users. You are able to work with our current design language but also add to the system by recognizing and coming up with new and valuable design patterns. You think about the scalability of the design you are creating and gets excited about the system and uniformity this will bring to the team. You are not afraid to come up with brand new solutions as well as safe solutions and test it out with the users.


3. Collaborating, communicating, and presenting the solutions to the team コミュニケーションを取りながらチームメンバーと協力し、解決策を提示することができる
You are empowered and act as a design leader for your team; you take responsibilities and you actively work on carrying the project to the next level. You are transparent at all levels of your work making sure the rest of the team members feel included at the right moment to collaborate. You know when and what to communicate with the team members and you do it efficiently. You are a good facilitator when presenting your prototype to the users and able to observe their viewpoint purely and not push them to make a biased opinion. You are good at bringing all departments (marketing, engineering, product managers, executive team) and walk them through your design process and what your recommendation is as a designer.


4. Always being on top of the trend and understanding the latest technology 常にテクノロジーの最新トレンドを把握しその役割を理解できる
Application software is a leading ground of technology and our product is a mobile app. Therefore, the designer needs to keep an eye on the whole landscape; from user experience, to implementation specifically in the mobile space. It's important that not only you create a solution as a designer but you are also learning and up to date about the latest technology, what the competitors or leading brands are doing in the space. As a close partner to an engineer, you should be teaming up with them to come up with the best implementation of the final design to match the evolving landscape of application technology.





You must provide your portfolio in the mobile space to be considered for this position.
Note: This is not a position for only a graphic designer or a software engineer




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