Product Manager, Ads

Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan · Div. Product


Founded in Tokyo in 2012, SmartNews has quickly become the go-to source of news for over 20 millions of users around the world, and a leading news aggregation mobile app. Our mission is bigger than simply aggregating news, and we are working to break through the filter bubble and deliver the world’s quality information to the people who need it. We are seeking talented, strategic product manager with a “get-it-done” attitude to execute our Ads strategies and roadmap. Join us and make a difference!

About you

Ads is only revenue source for SmartNews currently. More success in Ads boosts the company’s strategy. You understand it. You are always passionate to find out opportunity to deliver bigger impact. Quickly catch up changing advertisers needs, market trends through well communication with Sales, Engineers, PMs and advertisers. Iterate based on scientific attitude until meet goals.


Build and execute Ads product plan to address advertisers’ marketing budgets, customer needs, define value proposition, and increase potential sales.

Set KPI target goals, design and execute roadmap from MVP to official release, and iterate as needed to meet goals.

Conduct AB testing, track and analyze metrics, and iterate on product plan as needed to meet goals.

Align Ads strategy to Market trends, advertiser’s needs, Sales team’s feedback, and Company’s overall mission and strategy.

Define the issues to be solved and collaborate cross-functionally with PMs, Sales, Engineers, Designers, Data Scientists, and others to build project plan and execute to deliver results.

Work with advertising partners to resolve feedback and conflicts.

Motivate and encourage team to deliver product and drive product to meet sales goals.

Strive to serve and make decisions to further realize the company’s mission, vision, and values.


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