Data Scientist (Shanghai)

Shanghai, China · Div. Product · Data Scientist



Analyze data for one or more of the following areas:

Proactively ideate analysis projects and prioritize them

Surface data insights and predictions via visualizations and dashboards as well as written and verbal communication

Work closely with product managers, engineers, etc. to ensure that data insights are actually translated into concrete product improvements or actions

Help determine the overall data strategy (potentially with help from data engineers and product managers


• 针对以下一或多个领域进行数据分析:

• 构建并优化算法模型及数据框架

• 通过数据可视化、仪表盘,及口头、书面沟通,获取数据洞见及趋势预测

• 与产品经理和开发团队密切合作,确保数据洞见被实际转化为具体产品改进及优化

• 在产品经理及数据工程师的协助下,参与制定整体数据战略.


Technical university degree or equivalent knowledge

2 years of analytical work experience

Experience with SQL and either R or Python

Experience with Linux command line

Intermediate knowledge of applied statistics (fit regression curves, build predictive models, choose sample sizes, etc.)

Strong communication skills

Business-level English.


• 本科及以上学历,理工科类专业背景;计算机,统计学相关专业优先;

• 2年以上数据分析工作经验;

• 熟悉SQL, 并至少精通一种数据分析语言,R或Python;

• 熟悉Linux命令;

• 了解应用统计学 (适配回归曲线, 构建回归模型, 选择样本量等);

• 优秀的沟通能力;

• 英文能力达商务沟通水平;


Analytical work experience related to apps, websites, and ads;

Experience managing/mentoring other data scientists;

Understanding of machine learning;

Basic understanding of data engineering tasks (e.g. data warehousing, model deployment, using data workflow tools like Azkaban or Airflow);

Experience with big data (Hive, Spark, Presto, etc.);

Experience with Java.


• 手机应用、网页、广告产品相关数据分析经验;

• 管理或指导其他数据科学家的经验;

• 熟悉机器学习;

• 熟悉数据工程任务(如 数据仓库、模型部署、使用数据流工具如Azkaban 或 Airflow);

• 了解大数据 (Hive, Spark, Presto, etc.);

• 了解 Java

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